Don’t get me wrong, I love to write and edit, but I do have to keep the lights on. You know, so I can see while I write and edit.

But I really do try to stay very competitive (some people would call me cheap, and I’m okay with that!).

Here are my rates for writing and editing:

  • Writing: $50/hour (usually about 1 page/hour)
    • $50 minimum charge per writing project
  • Press Releases: $25/release (writing only)
    • $40/release (writing + distribution/posting)
  • Proofreading: $25/hour (usually about 4 pages/hour)
    • $25 minimum charge per project

Monthly retainer contracts available!

If you need to set up a more long-term agreement, I can offer a monthly retainer contract at a reasonable rate. It is generally based on my hourly rate with a discount built in. For example, if we create a monthly retainer that assumes I will have two hours per week available for your projects, that would be $300/month, while hiring me hourly for those projects would cost you approximately $400. What a deal!

Ready to get started? Contact me here!